Removing Branches and Trees That Maybe Dangerous

Trees play an important role in our environment and it is only through proper care that we can continue to enjoy the benefits that urban trees provide. Poor care can only result in the eventual loss of some of our trees that we love to see everyday. Trees give shade and shelter not only to us but to a host of our natural wildlife and for this reason alone we should strive to preserve and maintain the trees that we have.

There can be a time when a branch or even the whole tree needs to be removed because it is become a hazard to the general public or a property nearby. There can be obvious signs that this needs to be done e.g., the tree is dead, and the branches are falling down, but sometimes this is no so clear signals and a tree survey can be done to see if there is a potential risk from the tree.

When It Is Obvious The Tree Could Be Dangerous

  • The tree is leaning over
  • Splitting and cracks in the tree trunks
  • The roots and branches have mushrooms, conks, and brackets growing on them
  • Decay already showing on branches that are bigger than 2 inches
  • When a branch is larger than the others

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Tree Survey and Risk Assessment Report

In order to maintain a safe and healthy tree stock, ensuring that risk is kept to a minimum when trees are in close proximity to people and property. The Assessment will provide details of all the trees identified; this includes their dimensions and health whilst also making recommendations on any tree management proposals, both short and long-term.

  • Visual Tree Assessments
  • Tree Hazard Evaluations
  • Short and Long-Term Management Plans
  • Aerial Inspections

Emergency Tree Service

If there is an emergency and you need a tree surgeon as soon as possible then Special Brand Scotland will be there for you in your time of need. We provide an emergency call out service which can come to the rescue and address incidents including storm damaged and dangerous trees. In urgent need of our services? Call us now on 07952 046494 and we can sort the problem safely and securely.

slicing up a sycamore tree with a chainsaw

Using the chainsaw on a newly felled Sycamore tree in Arrochar.

up high cutting tree branches

Working hard high up a tree in Arran.