Helping the Environment by Replanting Trees

Starting from 2020 every tree we cut down, we will replant a replacement to help with regeneration of the area and the planet. We will only cut down trees that are already dead and trees where it is necessary for them to be removed, for example dead trees that are potentially dangerous or pose a risk to public safety.

We believe in the importance of replanting trees as they produce oxygen and help reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The leaves absorb the carbon in the air and then in turn produce more Oxygen. So, let’s all get involved in the idea of when we remove a tree, we replant a tree and join in helping save the planet.

Planting a tree or trees is a very effective way to fight greenhouse gasses and make a positive impact on air quality in your community.

chopped trees cut down in sections by a chainsaw

Tree diseases can be one of the most common reasons why we have to cut down and remove a tree from a garden and recently the UK has been affected by Ash Dieback, a disease that can be fatal for Ash Trees throughout the country.

Ash Dieback

One of the worst tree diseases around these days is Ash Dieback, and there is a possibility that it could kill 95% of the UK's Ash population. Dieback is a fatal disease currently affecting Britain's ash trees and is a very serious problem that cannot be ignored.

The disease is caused by a fungus that originated from Asia and has spread ferociously through Europe due to airborne spores which have no visible symptoms, with no cure at the moment and very few trees showing long term signs of resistance to the disease, this could be catastrophic for the Ash tree in the UK and Europe.

The environmental impact of the disease is likely to last a long time and will carry a shockingly high economic cost.

For more on this disease, please go to our latest news page on ABD.

large garden with trees

Chopped Branches

leaves of an ash tree

Autumn Trees

Some kind words from a previous client

We had a large Ash tree which was growing out of control and had started to lean over an adjoining property. It is a terrace with no direct access between the garden at back and main road out front so I was a bit concerned about how the tree could be safely felled and removed, and what it would cost! Shouldn't have worried. Called Special Branch on strength of previous reviews. Stevie came out to visit and sized up the situation reassuring me that they could work round the restricted access. He was able to give me a very reasonable quote there and then.

Working with Cameron he completed the work in a day and a half (cutting everything up into pieces small enough to be carried out through our house and the garage of an adjoining property) then cleaned up thoroughly after - all that was left was sawdust.

We had Stevie back a few days later to plant a couple of evergreens which will hopefully now thrive in the light. Thank you neighbour and thank you Stevie and Cameron. Top job!

John S

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autumn leaves on a tree
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