Tree Planting – What is the best advice is I want to plant some?

Climate change experts warn that the UK if it is to reach its carbon reduction targets it will need to plant a lot more trees and quickly and it would need to be at best double the amount we are doing now and everyone can help reach this target, but people do have some questions on how they can actually help reach this target.

Can I plant trees anywhere?

According to the Woodland Trust you can plant trees in your own garden without any permission, but you need to be careful that the roots and branches won’t eventually damage properties nearby, also it is good to consider the visual impact of the trees you are planning to plant e.g. native species versus productive conifers.

avenue of large trees

Planning permission may need to be considered e.g. in England you won’t need any if planting less than 2 hectares of trees in an area considered low risk. Otherwise you would need an Environmental Impact Assessment from the Forestry Commission.

Trees should not be planted in area of significant historical interest, areas with protected and rare species and grassland that hasn’t been touched by ploughing e.g. wetlands or heathlands.

What trees are the best to plant?

According to the woodland trust when it comes to which trees are good for storing carbon, the Oak or Maple would be a good choice as they are long-living native species. Though in more confined spaces e.g. a back garden, the Hazel, Blackthorn, and Willow tree species are ideal.

The Tree Council suggested people "copy nature by planting trees already successful on or near the site".

For more advice you can contact the forestry department below:

Forestry Commission
Phone: 0131 314 6414;
Website Page:

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Chopped Branches

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Testimonials From Some Happy Clients

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