Reducing The Size Of A Tree

When a tree grows and the size of the tree gets so large that it outgrows the area it was placed into e.g. a small garden, then you either remove the tree completely to free up some space or better still reduce the size of the tree safely to fit in properly and the best way to do this is to call in a respectable, well-trained and professional tree surgeon just like us. The tree reduction process is usually carried out by a coordinated tree pruning exercise. Trees also need to be pruned if they have dead, diseased, crossing or torn branches and this in turn will reduce the overall size of the tree.

The best time to reduce many trees is at the end of the summer time as the healing time will be quicker e.g. for magnolias and walnuts, while cherry trees should be pruned earlier in the year to help reduce the risk of silver leaf disease. For most of the other deciduous trees, the best time is definitely in the wintertime as the branches are bare and visible and it will make it a lot easier to target the best branches to prune. Before Christmas is the ideal time to avoid any issues from bleeding of the tree.

tree reduction up a crane

Tree Reduction Aspects:

Crown Reduction

The crown reduction of a tree can be necessary for cosmetic and safety reasons. Crown reduction is one of the most popular techniques of tree pruning we use these days. The process involves cutting back the foliage of the outer part of the tree which in turn reduces the size and shape of the tree and turns it into a more manageable and appealing look. This can also help maintain the tree`s health by reducing the chances of some of the branches dying and falling off and decrease the chance of being infected by certain tree diseases.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is where the lower branches may be partially or completely removed, usually the lower outer sections of the crown to provide the tree with an even branch structure. The trees that need this the most are of the broad-leaf variety e.g. Oak or Beech Trees.

Crown Thinning

Reduce the thickness of a tree by removing some of it`s branches in a coordinated and planned manner. The Branch Removal/Foliage Reduction process would be done throughout the whole of the crown and not just the inner crown. The resulting tree will have a more balanced density of branches and foliage throughout the whole tree. Sometimes crown thinning is not appropriate where for example the tree has issues with it`s roots, then a crown reduction method should be introduced instead

Testimonials From Some Happy Clients

"Stevie and Cameron from Special Branch Scotland done a fantastic job of removing some large limbs and pruning two very large horse chestnut trees in our garden. The job was complicated by the trees being protected and in a conservation area but Stevie made numerous visits to look at the trees and offered lots of free advice before we even agreed for them to do the work. Some large and very heavy limbs were situated above our house so required expert removal and careful lowering to the ground. These guys are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly and I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring tree work."

Michael S

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Thinning The Tree

We at Special Branch Scotland offer professional tree thinning services for our clients in Edinburgh, throughout Lothian and the rest of Scotland which is carrie out by experienced, qualified and well trained tree surgeons.

The benefits of tree thinning:

  • Improve the level of light passing through the tree
  • Reduce the sail effect on the tree incase winds are high enough to bring about damage to the branches
  • Overall weight reduction of the tree which helps in accessing and removing weak, diseased, dead or potentially harmful branches
  • Less likelihood that the tree trunk and branches will break in stormy weather
slicing up a sycamore tree with a chainsaw

Having a great day in Arrochar slicing up a huge newly felled Sycamore tree with a chainsaw.

up high cutting tree branches

We love being on the road and this project took us to the enchanting island of Arran to do some tree work for a lovely client.

hedgework services team
Crown thinning is necessary sometimes, you can rely on our team of Tree Surgeons to get the job done right!